This Division is primarily assigned to look after day-to-day administration of the Commission. It supports the Commission in the matter of recruitment of personnel, framing organogram, fixing the number of posts, discipline, placement, promotion, training and welfare of the employees. It also supervises procurement and maintenance of vehicles, office equipment, and other purchases for the Commission. Media and information centre, IT section, Library, protocol and security of the commission office, dispatch section and store management are all discharging their respective duties and performing their defined roles under this Division.

BTRC's work area has been augmented to a vast magnitude. It was started with a skeleton of 41 employees (staff and officers) to regulate the telecom sector comprising of few operators and stakeholders. Over the years, number of employees has remained the same while it has been discharging enormous duties in terms of revenue earning and addressing the issues of huge number of stakeholders. It is indeed a difficult task to meet the demand of the sector with a meager number of officials and staff. To meet the future challenges, match the technological innovations and to address the present difficulties, the Commission has approved an organogram and TO&E with a provision of 369 positions of various categories on 31 December 2008 under the Section 6 of Bangladesh Telecommunication (Amendment) Ordinance 2008. It has also approved an updated Service Regulation for the commission staff to adjust the future requirement.

BTRC is now functioning with its Headquarters at a rented premise in Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) Bhaban-a modern building at Ramna. In the mean time, the Government has allocated one acre of land at an Administrative Zone at Agargaon for BTRC's own office. The Commission has paid its cost and got the plot registered in its name. The Commission is planning to raise an iconic but smart building at the site in the soonest possible time.

BTRC maintains a user-friendly rich website as and it has its own domain namely for any information and development concerned with the telecom sector is made instantly available for the users. A library with data storage and relevant books and journals provides academic support to the concerned officials.

A welfare fund has been allocated to support the staff of the Commission. It provides financial help to the meritorious children and ailing family members of the employees from welfare fund. BTRC has spent taka 379145 (three hundred seventy nine thousand one hundred forty five) in 2008 -2009. It has also arranged two prayer rooms for male and female and a small dispensary with a doctor and nurse who are serving the employees in case of primary emergency health complains.